Collaborator Michelle Danyluk (University of Florida) Talks About COVID-19 Management in Citrus Settings

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The All In For Citrus Podcast posted on October 23, 2020, includes an interview with FoodCoVNET collaborator Dr. Michelle Danyluk. From the podcast website:

Another exciting announcement from UF/IFAS is the U.S. Department of Agriculture grant that food safety professor Michelle Danyluk and her team received to ‘prove the negative.’

Danyluk is working with researchers across the United States to put some hard data behind the lack of coronavirus transmission from food and food packaging. The Centers for Disease Control said early on in the pandemic that the virus likely could not be passed along to a consumer buying food at the store. Danyluk says the research will prove that scientifically and help relay that information to the general public with a new website.

Listen to the podcast episode.