Food Safety Talk 221: AB-CDC+

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Food Safety Talk is a podcast from FoodCoVNET’s Dr. Ben Chapman and Dr. Don Schaffner. All episodes can be found at the Food Safety Talk website (this episode).

The show starts with Ben’s plans to make his kids watch political TV with a pizza bribe. The guys talk about local political activism and Ben misuses multiple literary terms. The guys talk about Halloween/COVID-19 risks and the idea of a risk continuum (where not all risks are equal and not all activities carry equal risks). The guys go on to some in-depth follow-up on Sqirl jam, mold, and mycotoxins. They end the episode with quick takes on a dried mushroom-linked outbreak of salmonellosis, food safety education month, and Blue Bell’s criminal penalties resulting from a 2015 outbreak.

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Show notes so you can follow along at home: